I didn’t know nash grier was in a horror game

why did you do this? why? he’s a good being, sure hes made his mistakes, but how dare you compare freddy to this monstrosity. smh 

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When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


okay but the guy in blue gets up and hold onto the back of the red guys shirt like a small child or perhaps a duckling

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Pokemon Red
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Bronze
Pokemon Red Fire
Pokemon Grass Green
Pokemon Ruby Tuesday
Pokemon Safe Fire
Pokemon A B C
Pokemon X Y Z
Pokemon Now I know my A B C’s
Pokemon Dungeon Dice Monsters
Pokemon The Last Airbender
Pokemon of the Galaxy
Pokemon Horror Story: Asylum
Pokemon Horror Story: Coven
Pokemon Horror Story: ….Coven 2
Pokemon Ping Pong
Pokemon Party 
Pokemon Party 8
PokeKart: Double Dash
Pokemon Crunch Wrap Supreme 
Pokemon Cross Dress
Pokemon Fingerblast
Pokemon Facebook Edition
Pokemon Who?
Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest

LEAFGREEN not Grass Green

yes thank you. THAT’S the one game i needed to be corrected on.





  1. Pokemon Red
  2. Pokemon Blue
  3. Pokemon Gold
  4. Pokemon Silver
  5. Pokemon Bronze
  6. Pokemon Red Fire
  7. Pokemon Grass Green
  8. Pokemon Ruby Tuesday
  9. Pokemon Safe Fire
  10. Pokemon A B C
  11. Pokemon X Y Z
  12. Pokemon Now I know my A B C’s
  13. Pokemon Dungeon Dice Monsters
  14. Pokemon The Last Airbender
  15. Pokemon of the Galaxy
  16. Pokemon Horror Story: Asylum
  17. Pokemon Horror Story: Coven
  18. Pokemon Horror Story: ….Coven 2
  19. Pokemon Ping Pong
  20. Pokemon Party 
  21. Pokemon Party 8
  22. PokeKart: Double Dash
  23. Pokemon Crunch Wrap Supreme 
  24. Pokemon Cross Dress
  25. Pokemon Fingerblast
  26. Pokemon Facebook Edition
  27. Pokemon Who?
  28. Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest

LEAFGREEN not Grass Green

yes thank you. THAT’S the one game i needed to be corrected on.

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Reblog for a chibi of your blog!


If you reblog, I’ll draw a chibi of your blog along the lines of this!

I’ll probably only make it to about 40 chibis, maybe more so keep that in mind! Go ahead and keep reblogging anyways, I’ll get as many done as possible before I grow bored!

  • Have your submit open.
  • That’s it lol

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If only i had checked myself

guy who wrecked himself  (via mosby)

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It’s fucking red.

I’ve literally waited for this video for years. i’ve been reading the gif in the wrong tone the entire time

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“I wanted to say, ‘Hey ladies, you’re beautiful,’. Hopefully, this changes things and maybe it won’t change things, but I love it.” - Nicki Minaj on the Anaconda music video

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New Sour Watermelon Sharks from Trolli.




Fans asking the real questions

Sorry but I saw this and thought if these were female actresses and male fans were asking “How deep can you take it” or “what’s your bra size” there would be a feminist uproar.

This could still class as sexual harassment, right?

what the fuck what the fuuccckk this is fucked up this is FUCKED UP dont act like this to anyone dont act like this to a porn star or an actor or someone on facebook what the fuck is wrong with you why did you post this like its a funny joke look how uncomfortable they look

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